Manuscript Submission: Three copies of manuscript should be submitted (original and two duplicates). The text should not exceed 25 double spaced type written or printed A4 pages with 25 mm margins and should be printed on one side only and all pages should be numbered. A covering letter signed by Author should be sent with the manuscript. Each manuscript component should begin on a new page, in the following sequence.

Title: The title of the paper should be brief and descriptive of the papers and should be placed on separate sheet, together with the full name (s) of the author (s) professional affiliation (s), degrees and full address of every author.

Abstract: In English and Arabic of not more than 200 words. Should be summarizing the objectives and design of the study, and the most important results and conclusion of the study.

Introduction: Clearly state the purpose of the article and rationale of study with pertinent references.

Materials and Methods: This include selection of observational and experimental subjects, identification of methods, apparatus and procedures, mention the statistical analysis when appropriates.

Results and Discussion: Present in logical sequence preferably with tables and illustration emphasizing in the text only important observation. Emphasize new aspects of the study and implications and related to other relevant studies.

References: References listed consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned on the text using Arabic numbers. These references should appear in a numbered list on a separate page at the end of the paper, and writing with (APA) system in list of references.

They should contain the following elements of information as appropriate names (s) of author (s), title of paper or book, name of  Journal, year, Volume number, page range [for book name of publisher (commercial or institutional) and place of publication (city and country )].

If the author does not verify the original, it should be given in the list of references by “cites by …” and the paper in which it was referred to.

Journal abbreviations in the references must follow the style used in the list of Journals indexed.

Tables and Illustrations: Should be typed on separate sheets from the text. Numbered sequentially and attached to the end of the result. Each figure and table should be referred to in the text Table title and footnotes should be typed on the same sheet as the table. Illustrations should be clearly marked on their backs with explanatory legends. If any figure, table or other materials have been copied from other resources, authors have the sole responsibility for securing the necessary permission.

Proofs: The author will receive a proof of his / her paper prior to printing. Corrected proofs should be returned to the editor as possible.

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