An academic, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal

Issued by University Of Anbar (Iraq)



Iraqi House of Books & Documents Trust Number (1379 in 2010)

ISSN 2073-6614 (Print)

ISSN: 2408-9680 (Online)



 Professor  Dr. Aamer Mehidi Salih

University Of Anbar - College of Education for Humanities



Managing Editor

Professor Dr. Ali Hussein Khudhair

University Of Anbar -College of Arts



Editorial Secretary

Assist. Prof Mohamad Fleih Hassan Al-Janabi

University Of Anbar -College of Arts



Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ugo Rubeo                            La Sapienza University (Italy)

Prof. Dr. Youssef Hussein Bakar   Yarmouk University-College of Applied Sciences (Jordan)

Prof Dr. Faa’z Taha Omar                Al-Shaariqa University-College of Arts-UAE

Prof. Dr. Hamid Hamad Abd          University Of Anbar -College of Education for Women-Iraq

Asst. Prof. Dr. Harith Ismael          Karabük University-College of Arts-Turkey

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