Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2015, Page 1-206

Functionality of Binary Oppositions in the Repetition Structure

Nasra U. Jadwee

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 1-13
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101818

The poetry of Mahmood Darweesh is a landmark in the history of Arabic poetry. It is full of stylistic innovations that Darweesh employed to rejuvenate Arabic poetry. His poem (Fly the Doves) carries one of the most striking aspects of these stylistic innovations, notably, correlative repetition. This is a common aesthetic techniques used to build up meaning through binary oppositions. The poet employed language and aesthetic image to create such binary oppositions in repetition especially that of poetic images.

Citing Qur'anic Readings for Ibn Ankaa in his Book (Gurar Al-Durar Al-Wasitiya)

Baqir Abid Salih Abbas; Jassim Mohammed Ma; roof

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 14-28
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101819

The aim of this study is to pin point the views of the late Arab
grammarians on the use of Quranic Readings. Classical Arab grammarians disagreed on this issue as a faction of them accepted them but others only partially allowed them. This study chooses Ibn Ankaa (D. 1053 AH) as a typical representative of the late Arab grammarians who tackled this issue. Ibn Ankaa's book (Qurar Al Durar Al Waseetiah) shows that he used these readings extensively which is an indication of his extensive attention to them.

The Prosodic Phenomenon of Metric Puncture and The Philosophy of Omission : A Stylistic Study

Mawahib Abbas Rafi; Amir Mihidi Salih

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 29-104
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101820

This is a study of the prosodic phenomenon of metric puncture, the supposition that a word or words are omitted and should be guessed to set right the metre of the line of verse. There is a considerable controversy as to the position and nature of puncture in the line of verse. The study starts with an exploration of the linguistic and philosophical nature of metric puncture. The study consists of two sections: the first presents the theoretical background of this prosodic phenomenon. The second is a stylistic analysis of this phenomenon. The conjuring up of the omitted parts of the line of verse makes it right to summon up interpretation of the omitted as the possible way to understand this phenomenon.

Analytical View On The Manifestations of The Narrative Discourse in the Holy Quran

Sayad Mohammed Mir Husseiny; Ali Qalikhi; Ibrahim Nategh

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 105-126
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101821

Allah is the first Storyteller in the Quran. And he telling the honest stories that includes sublime aim and lofty purpose and way of Salvation, as the validity Perform important role and major aim in Quran`s story. And this aim include sight for believes and tenets and credence and advices that the story inclusive them. In this regard, analysis, and narrative and structural separation of narrative is essential in two fields: History and discourse. Therefore, story comprises events, and characters, and elements of space and time. But Discourse of Validity analyzes Lingual words and Quotes in the field of aim and Description and time and Formula and Rhetoric and maker, so storied structures comprise narrative Semiotique, whereas Quotes Care about discourse and shape of story text. Literati limited discourse into three bases as a narrative structure. They are: viewpoint Quotes, Formula, Quotes time. This article study discourse Quotes by analyze of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Abdullah Ebne Om Maktum in Abas Surah by Analytical and Descriptive method.

The Imagery in the light of the Rhetoric Pillars (A study in the Andalus Sculptor's Poetry)

Mahmood Shaqir Sajit; May Gareeb Maroof

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 127-145
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101822

The research is about an important side of the kinds of innovation in poetry of Andalusian linguistics. That side is the artistic image. This side considered as one of their own literately industry. The image merges with the other elements of the poem which are empathy and thought to create a full poem. So, the image is considered as a part of the building of the poetic poem. The research also tries to come cross the ability of Andalusian linguistics in painting the clearance image and its meaning in conveying their intention, through the symbolic image, metaphorical image and epithetical image.

A Comparative Study of Elegy at Khansa and Mutanabi

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 146-164
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101823

"Elegy" is an independent theme of poetry, which from distant past has been in a significant realm of imagination of poets. Elegy actually is a result of poet's emotional experiences and mirror of passionate and languishing feelings for their sad eternal departure of their lovers, Khonsa as an undisputed master of Arabic literature in elegy memories of grief and sadness letters written in pity of her two brothers. On the other hand, most famous Arab poet, Motanabbi also has written an elegy for her grandmother.
This paper has adopted the method of data mining to analyze the structure and content of a sample of the elegy of two Arab poets in order to show elegy aspects, features, elements, and their vicissitudes emotions sensitive to highlight and highlight similarities and differences between feminine and masculine overflowing emotions to show it. Outcomes of this study suggest that personal, social and human aspects of the two poets in their elegy are evident. In addition, sincereand languishing feelings of Motanabbi in this aspect of the poem is superior to Khonsa, of course, superioriy of Motanabi is in his perspective and his philosophical views on life and death, and his wisdom in these matters.

Educational Poetry in Nigeria

Qasim Ibrahim

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 165-183
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101824

Arabic poetry is grouped based on different contorted one of which is 'aghrad (purposes). A type of such poetry is called ash-shi ru-t-laclimi (didactic poem) in which the another enplane a particular knowledge. It exposes the reader to certain principles of the swept matter. Many of Nigerian scholars have documented various branches of knowledge in poem to case their memorization for students especially the children for their inclination to play method of teaching. A good example is mimiyyatu-l-'lcrab on Arabic Grammar. The author succeeded in rending rules of Arabic Grammar in poetic verses. It is aim of this paper to analyze and evaluate the content of the poem in term of strength and weakness. The paper, after introduction, explains origin and development of shicru tac lmi it also gives brief account of biography of the poet before analysis of the poem and conclusion.

The Theme of Conflict in the Arabic Poetry ( Kharijites' Poetry as A Sample )

Saad Sabir Nammal

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 184-206
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2015.101825

Conflict as human necessity required by life in all the different aspects, it is individually and collectively both feeling, take the conflict of personal axis basis and it is important to her, and knowledge is essential and urgent to embark on a study of the poetic text , feelings of injustice or not satisfy the self what you want, lead to internal conflict , which It generates tension in the simplest sense , a recipe or property subject to environmental or someone facilitate or hinder individual efforts to reach a particular goal .
It is known that the conflict is one of the motives that drive the individual towards achieving the goals and objectives , whether positive or negative , and knows Chaplin conflict that « simultaneous defenders contradictory or more when the same person or the same group presence » , which is not related to the individual , but also to the community , and it remains to look at the conflict as important life need to pay towards the individual goals set by himself away from the negatives and positives .