Volume 8, Issue 2, Autumn 2016, Page 1-249

النحو والدلالة فی زیادة الباء عند العکبری فی کتابه التبیان فی إعراب القرآن

ا.م.د. طه شداد حمد رمضان العبیدی

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 1-46
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.170678

The case of adding some letters in the Quranic expressions has occupied the scholar's minds for a long time. Linguistics, grammarians, explainers, and the scholars of Quran inimitable, rhetoric and principles, discussed it. One of these letters is the letter (ب) which has a meaning as a preposition. The scholars mentioned this adding with the supported and opposed opinions. In this paper, we studied the case of adding the letter (ب) as a preposition with its meanings under the points of view of Al-Ukbury (die 616 A.H). The title of this paper is (Mentioning the Adding of The Letter (ب) Syntactically and Semantically in «Al-Tibyan fi E'arab Al-Quran» by Al-Ukbury). The mentioned letter in this book is in the «subject, subject of a nominal sentence, predicate, object and circumstantial expression or phrase».

نَقْدُ جُهُودِ المُحدَثینَ فی الرَّدِّ على النُّحاةِ الأَقدمین الدکتور خلیل أحمد عمایرة أنموذجا.

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 47-101
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115692

This research is concerned with the criticism and analysis to what Khalil Ahmed Amaayra denied on the rules and verdicts of old Grammarians. That is he accounted for the possible deletion of the case endings in Arabic parsing. His different ideas were bused on the modern theories of grammar that are adopted by Chomsky – whose theory is called the generative transformational. Chomsky's theory depends on four syntactic trans formations they are addition, deletion, order, substitution and intonation.
The researcher has found differences of verdicts and meaning. Even in AL-Jurjanies' ideas are part of syntax.
It has been proven that the English theories of grammar cannot be applied on Arabic for its peculiar syntactic properties.

أسلوب التکرار ومثیراته الدلالیة فی الصحیفة السجادیة.

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 102-123
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115693

إنّ التکرار من الصنایع الأدبیه فی کلام العرب وهو أسلوب من أسالِب البلاغه یستعملونه فی خطاباتهم، لأنّه یزید الکلام بلاغة إذا کان فی محلّه وقد جاء وفقا لمقتضی الحال. ظاهرة التکرار تُعدّ من الظواهر البارزة فی النص، ولا شکّ أنها ترتبط بعلاقةٍ ما مع صاحب النص فهو من خلال التکرار یحاول تأکید فکرةٍ ما تسیطر علی خیاله وشعوره. ویعد وسیلة من وسائل تشکیل الموسیقی الداخلیة. التکرار لا یقوم فقط على مجرد تکرار اللفظة فی السیاق، وإنما ما تترکه هذه اللفظة من أثر انفعالی فی نفْس المتلقّی، وبذلک فإنه یعکس جانباً من الموقف النفسی والانفعالی، ومثل هذا الجانب لا یمکن فهمه إلّا من خلال دراسة التکرار داخل النص الذی ورد فیه، فکل تکرار یحمل فی ثنایاه دلالات نفسیة وانفعالیة مختلفة تفرضها طبیعة السیاق. وأدعیة الصحیفة السجادیّة للإمام زین العابدین (ره) فضلا عن المعانی السامیّة فإنّها تضمّ بین دفتیها آلیات وأسالیب فنیّة تدلّ علی مدی جمالیات النص وروعته، وتساعد عملیة إیصال الفکرة للمتقلی؛ والتکرار من هذه الظواهر الحاضرة بشدّة فی الصحیفة وقد یوحی بدلالات ومعان عمیقة حسب السیاق؛ الصحیفة السجادیّة مشتملة على معان سامیة لاتستوعبها الکلمات المحدودة فاقتضى التکرار فى الفاظها کـأسلوب أدبی لإبلاغ المعانی.

تحلیل تطبیقی علی المجاز العقلی فی الشِّعر العربی والفارسیِّ.

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 124-150
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115694

God has involved beauty in whole the elements of human life cycle and human life seeking this beauty in foods clothes, words and actions till this beauty reachs human toward maturity and beauty, this beauty acme exhibits itself in social relations and since language is connecting bridge of this social interaction human make a relation between those phenomena having no direct relation in occurring events to catch beauty sings by them and this beauty in words usually exhibits itself in metonymy to permeate into unusual factors from the common ones. This paper deals with analyzing metonymy in Arabic and Persian Poems in comparative and based upon research and paraphrastic. And this consideration importance is in making clear and close relation between Arabic and Persian literation is human language and human literacy through which reach maturity and beauty.

براعة التخلص فی مدائح أبی تمام دراسة بلاغیة.

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 151-180
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115695

After long accompanying to the explanations of Abi Tammam divan, I chose a research marked as ((wittiness of transition in Abu Tammam compliments rhetorical study)) examining rhetorical, and critical things throughout Abu Tammam transition in his compliment. This research is based on an introduction, and the definition of the research title, and then the rhetorical, and criticala study, so I benefited from ancient and modern resources taking into consideration the area of research required in such researches, and finished it with conclusions, finally all praise is to Allah that by his grace good deeds are accomplished.

Violence as Counter- Terrorism in Yasmina Khadra’s The Sirens of Baghdad

Leyla Bellour

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 181-207
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115696

Yasmina Khadra’s novel, The Sirens of Baghdad, which is set in a post-colonial context, attempts to explain the heinous violence in Iraq after the American invasion. The novel vindicates that Iraqis’ resistance, which often resort to violent suicide bombings, is an inevitable act of counter- terrorism, because the US committed horrendous terroristic crimes against civilians. Thus, Khadra’s novel debunks the Western myth that terrorism in the Arabo-Islamic world is the result of poverty and Islamic fundamentalism. Of utmost importance, the paper evinces that violence is the result of the clash of civilization, which is one of the main motives of America’s occupation of Iraq.

The Impact of Marzano`s Third Dimension ‘Extending and Refining Knowledge’ on Students’ Reading Comprehension

Salah Mohammed Salih; Hafud Ibraheem Shabeeb

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 208-233
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115697

The present study aims at identifying the impact of Marzano's model of reading comprehension on fifth-grade/ High school Iraqi students; and measuring the change(s) in fifth grade students’ understanding of English language as a result of using Marzano’s model.Marzano`s model is a modern curricula in teaching because it represents an integrated framework for the organization of learning outcomes. It can be used in various grades to improve the teaching and learning process.
Results showed that the level of the experimental group which was taught according to Marzano`s model of teaching did better than the control group which was taught in the traditional way. There were statistically significant differences at the achievement level, in the literal level of reading comprehension, in the inferential level of reading comprehension, and in the critical level of reading comprehension between the scores of the experimental group and the control group.

Rhythm in Poe's Raven: A Phonological Study

Rashed Mahdi Eltaif AL-Kubaisy; Israa

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 234-249
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2016.115698

This study is an attempt to explore rhythm as phonological unit that reflects poetic image through the analysis of Poe's Raven. This study proceeds on the hypothesizes that the sound patterns of a poem contribute a great deal to build the poet's point of view or world. This study is an attempt to investigate the rhythm as a phonological unit and poetic structure (feature) in selective lines of Poe's Raven.

This study focuses on sound devices in these selective lines such as rhyme, alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia and its relation to the rhythm as a phonological unit and poetic feature. It also focuses on phonological and poetic analysis of these lines. The analysis of these lines will show phonological and poetic structure in selective words in each lines of Poe's Raven. Typically, rhythmical aspects seem to have a variety of phonological and poetic functions.