Volume 9, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Page 1-293

بَدِیْعُ الإنْشَاءِ والصِّفَاتِ فِی الْمُکَاتَبَاتِ والْمُرَاسَلَاتِ للشَیخِ مَرْعِی بنْ یُوْسُف بنْ أبی بَکْرٍ بِنْ أَحْمَدَ المَقْدِسِی الحَنْبَلی (ت 1033هـ) :دراسة موضوعیة.

Firas AbdulRahman Al-Najar; Yusra Muhaisin

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-15
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123472

Sheikh Maree B. Yousif AlKarmy is one of the figures of the eleventh century AH. His book Badee AlEnsha (Wonderful Composition) is a major contribution to Arabic rhetorics heritage. This book deals with many subjects of relevance to the needs of his contemporary society. Thispaper falls into two sections in order to cover the various subjects of Arabic poetry and prose covered in this book like description, praise, congratulation,…etc.

دیوان ابن حزم : نظرات ومستدرک.

Mahmood Shakir Sajit

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 16-81
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123473

After seeing the Diwan the poet Ibn Hazm and his hair and I found some notable important. Upon investigation and collecting the poems of a large number of Andalusian poets, and after the publication of verifications of their poem collections, it was crucial to depend on some critical calibrating studies of such verifications. This paper aims the criticizing the verification of Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi’s Divan made by Dr. Subhi Rashad Abdulkareem, while the poems were collected by Abdul-Azeez Ibrahim. We notice a significant difference between both collections regarding to their materials as well as other aspects. The thesis is comprised of two parts; first: a calibrating study , and the second: to retract the both, in addition to an introduction about Ibn Hazm.

صیغة (فَعَال) فی القرآن الکریم بین البناء الصرفیّ والإعجاز البیانیّ

Dhafir Egidy Fathi; Gatia Jar allah Sattam

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 82-124
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123474

Examples in formula (faal) in the Holy Quran seventy-four Qur'anic example came on the eight known luminosity and the meaning of the possibility of meaningful ninth and the tenth of a different significance where, those meanings are: I: Effective name individually , II: an effective recipe , III: Effective circumstance , IV: effective genus name collectivist significantly between him and one deleted distraction , V: The name of a collective moral sex between him and the one distraction, , VI: effective source name, and many examples about the activation of which I counted twenty-three of them
VII: effective source. , VIII: Effective Name collect no one has of the word, which is known as the Gender , IX: effective with significant probability
X: effective in different connotation.

شرح الإعراب فی قواعد الاعراب للکافیجی(ت٨٧٩ھ): دراسة نحویة.

Waad Mohammad Saeed

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 125-151
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123475

This paper studies some of the grammatical issues in Explanation of Parsing in the Rules of Parsing, by Sheikh Mohammad B. sliman AlKafiji. The paper surveys the views of Basrah, Kufa, and Baghdad grammarians on each issue. AlKafiji's views are stated after that. He, at times, supports the views of the Basrah grammarians and at other times supports the views of the Kufa school with extensive evidences.

.ملامح تهمیش الهویة العربیة فی الروایة العبریة المعاصرة (امبراطوریة زمری- بیکاسو) لشلومو نیسان انموذجا

Essam Ali Khalaf

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 152-170
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123476

The Arab-Israeli conflict، has made Israeli society uniform to a certain extent in the face of external threat، while in fact it conceals sharp deep differences inside . Because of the affair lasting and comprehensive peace with the Arabs to open the new social issues - cultural profile in Israel. This has turned out clearly، through the growth of Israel's desire efface Arab identity in the hope that this will lead to solving the identity problem within it، especially after having contributed to several regional developments in the last fifty years، it boosted reinforced the Arab community in Israel demanding the recognition of their national identity and their right to restore the usurped land

The Impact of Using Animation on Developing Fourth Year (Science Division) High School Students’ Language Skills

Asst. Prof Dr. Salah Mohammed Salih; Abdul-Sattar Ibrahim Shibeeb

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 171-215
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123477

The study aims at finding out the effectiveness of using animation in enhancing the levels of reading skill of the students; to what extent using animation can develop the students’ levels in the listening skill; and whether using animation has greater impact on one of these two skills rather than the other.
Based on the study questions, the researcher adopted the null hypothesis and the quasi-experimental approach (tests) to the investigate the effectiveness of using animation technology as a teaching method to gauge the impact it may have on developing the English language receptive skills (reading and listening) of 4th-Year (Science Division) High School displaced Students’ in Sulaimaniyah Governorate during the academic year 2015-2016.
The data obtained from the mathematical calculations of the scores of the pre and posttest of both the experimental and control groups substantiate differences between the average score of experimental group for pre and posttest at both the reading and listening skills and their subskills. This indicates that animation has positive effect on increasing students’ achievement. Animation has proved its effectiveness on developing reading and listening skills on all the levels. The gap between the experimental group in the pre and post test scores is wide. The gap is also wider between the scores of the control group and the experimental group in favor of the experimental group. The effect size indicated that the effect of animation movie program on developing the receptive domain for the experimental group is larger than those of control group.

Metatheater: Illusion and Reality in Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author

May Ahmed Majeed

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 216-230
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123478

Metatheater is a reference to the self-reflexivity of the dramatic text. It is a modernist device used to shatter the allusion that the text confers on the audience or the reader by calling his/her attention to the fact that this is not reality but a textual construction. This interplay of reality and illusion in Metatheater is meant to explore the complexity of the modern life. Major among the plays in this type of drama is Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author. It illuminates the fusion of illusion and reality by exploring the metatheatrical device which is play within a play and try to touch the metaphysical imagination of the audience. How the audience will experience Metatheater by feeling the boundaries between illusion and reality.

Filial Evil in Shakespeare's King Lear

Kamal Walee; Asmaa Mukaram

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 231-255
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123479

It is one of the essential ingredients that drama portrays human life and experience, which cannot be looked at apart from human relationships with all their good and nefarious elements. This research paper mainly revolves around the social relationships among family members, especially the son-daughter-father ones—filial relationships. It sheds light on how children treat their fathers in William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear, and shows there are two kinds of children, those who are faithful and those who are not. This illustrates that Shakespeare is quite aware of human nature which shows that both evil and goodness are inherent in the body of man which can be got headed in the right or wrong directions by children when treating their fathers.

Identification of the Phonological Modifications of Turkish Loanwords Borrowed into Basri Arabic Dialect: A Sociolinguistic Study

Eftekhar Tawfiq Abdul Muhsin

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 256-276
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123480

The heterogeneity of the community has a great influence on the speech of Basri dialect speakers of Arabic. Basrah as a cosmopolitan city had been a target for different types of nations and communities due to its strategic location at the top of the Arab Gulf and being the only port to Iraq. The variety of nations, cultures and languages has a great impact on the linguistic features of the Basri Arabic. The mixture of these languages and cultures in Basrah has created a linguistic tension between the systems of the source languages and that of the Arabic spoken in Basrah. This has led to the formation of a dialect distinct to the city and is so different from all the other dialects spoken in the rest of Iraq. This paper will display the influence of Turkish language only on the Basri dialect and the modifications applied by the native Basri speakers of Arabic in the process of nativization of these loanwords.

A Semantic Study of First and Nick Names in English with References to its Realizations in Arabic

Rashed Mahdi Eltaif AL-Kubaisy; Israa

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 277-293
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.123481

The present paper attempts to examine the semantic phenomenon of naming in English and Arabic Languages. It also tries to examine the naming fashion in both languages. It aims at showing the similarity and differences of the characteristics, meanings, structures, legality, origins, of naming in both languages. Names that children receive from their parents reveal certain insights about cultural change and thought and inter-cultural aspects that characterized each society from others.