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Online ISSN: 2408-9680

Volume 9, Issue 2

Volume 9, Issue 2, Autumn 2017, Page 1-407

الوطن فی الروایة النسویة العراقیة دراسة فی ثلاثة نصوص مختارة.

Nasra U. Jadwee

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 1-26
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126419

This study traces the image of homeland in three selected novels by notable Iraqi women novelists. These novels employ common subjective vision and narrative techniques. Yet, each novelist maintains her own unique voice. These novels are sharply realistic in dealing with hard Iraqi reality. These novels are Qulama (2000) by Aliah Mamdouh, Garden of Life 92003) by Lutifia Al-dulaimi, and Tashari (2013) by Anaam Kaja.

الحِجاج فی تهذیب الاصطلاح البدیعی عند ابن أَبی الإصبع المصری (ت654هـ).

Mustafa Salih Ali

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 27-84
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126420

This study explores the impact of argument theory in showing the persuasive efficacy of a heritage represented by the rhetoric of Ibn Abi Al-Asba' Al-Masri who investigated many previous works to edit, refine and then add to it from his creative arts in addition to the compatible terminology of the miraculous nature of the Holy Koran. This is based on three sections: First: the semi logical argument. Second: fact-based arguments. Third: fact-establishing arguments. Sub-types of arguments are then examined and supported by application.

"الدینُ" نسقٌ ثقافیٌ عندَ ابن بسّام الشنترینی (ت542هـ) فی کتابهِ الذخیرة فی محاسن أهل الجزیرة.

Abdulkareem Fadhil Al-Ani; Sadeer Nadhim Mohammed

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 85-117
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126421

This paper reads the texts used by Ibn Bassam Al-Shantarini in his book The Stored Stuff in the Goodness of Arabia People in order to uncover the religious foundation of his criticism as when he detests behaviors in readings the texts he selected for study. Some of his letters shows more than once his longing to visit holy places and his deep religious belief. The ultimate aspect of the use of religion as cultural pattern manifests itself in the shaping of the individual's behavior and this is the core of Ibn Bassam's literary research.

رِسَالةٌ فی تأویلِ آیتینِ مُشْکِلَتَیْنِ لأبی عبدِ الله محمد بْنِ أحمدَ بْنِ هِبَةِ اللهِ بْنِ تَغْلِبَ بهجةِ الدین الفِزْرَانِیّ الضّرِیرِ (ت603هـ) : دراسة وتحقیق.

Bayan Mohammed Fatah

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 118-203
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126422

This an editing and study of "A Letter on the Interpretation of Two Problematic Quranic Verses" by Adi Abdullah Mohammad B. Ahmed B. Hibatuallah Al-Fazrani (dec. 603 AH.). It studies two problematic verses from Gafir chapter and Baqarah chapter in the holy Quran. The Letter tries to interpret these two verses in the light of the Quran, Sunnah, and the eloquent speech of Arabs whether verse or prose. The aim of the writer is to show how the Quran corresponds with the Arabic language in style and expression. This letter contains some of the important isuues in semantics and grammar of the Arabic language. This Letter is an invaluable work and it exists in a copy made by one of Al-Fazrani's students.

الافعال فی اللامع الصبیح بشرح الجامع الصحیح للامام شمس الدین البرماوی (ت 831ه).

Muntaha Eaid Khalaf; Ali Muttar Juru

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 204-234
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126423

The aim of the study is to investigate the verbs in Al-Lami'a Al-Sabih book. Al-Barmawi mentioned the importance of these verbs in his book in (Al-Lami'a Al-Sabih). The researcher reveals that the verbs can occur transitive، and it occurs transitive-intransitive according the speech. The aim of this study is to attempt to study part of Holly Al-Hadith study in this book، Al-Barmawi has gathered the material from Al_Jami' Al-Sahih book for Al-Bukhari.

العلَّة النحویة فی الأسماء عند أبی علی الشلوبین (562 – 645هـ) فی کتابه شرح المقدمة الجزولیة الکبیر.

Ahmed Abdullah Mamood; Safana Yusif Dinhash

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 235-267
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126424

This paper studies the grammatical cause and explanations of nouns as examined by Abu Ali Al-Shaloubeen in his book The Grand Explanation of Jazuli Introduction because the linguistic literature lacks due reference to Al-Shaloubeen's views in spite of the fact that he was the imam of Andulusian grammarians. He stated many grammatical causes and interpretations that no other grammarian ever stated.

التکرار الصوتی وأثره الدلالی عند حمید بن ثور الهلالی فی دیوانه.

Nidhal Husham Abdularazaq

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 268-301
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126425

Summarized the Idea of research to address the voice and its impact in the direction of meaning .I discussed the repetition of the letters and showed the semantic effect in this repetition in the Hamid ibn Thaure Alhelaly has thrown the initialization of the repetition on the letter language scientists and promised to repeat the verses . The semantic guidance in that and found that the semantic are agreeable to the free Indication.

On the Translatology of Versification: Poeticity as a Monistic Feature Comparable to Meta Poem Iconicity

Asst. Instructor Luwaytha S. Habeeb; M Hussein Al-Mahdawi; Prof. Rafi

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 302-337
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126426

To preclude, the concept of poeticity, coined by R. Jakobson, (1996:750) has its monolithic meaning created from linguistic resources and as part of a system for reformulating meaning which is set out by phrases, clauses and sentences, along with specific poetic function. Not whatsoever, the form and meaning of poetic communication are fused to have a monistic faculty reluctant to intercultural rendering. Poetic text being a collage texting of lexis, images and conceptions have their qualities foregrounded. The poetic function interacts with descriptive, associative, and interpersonal meanings, making them as a titular feature of the poeticity craft. Prototypical iconicity, on the other hand, is a linguistic form motivated by the similarity of metaphorical extension, and over extension of images involved. Poeticity and iconicity, in crux, are foregrounded into the versified organic body making its translatability as hard to articulate and self-monitored as the enigmatic soul-body would be. Hence, distinctive qualities of the figurative language, in general, the scheme of rhythmic repetition of identical linguistic forms, the tropes of non- literal meanings; and the poetic affinities in specific cause some lengthy tripping of deviations and illegitimate conversions (BBC, 1999: 8-10). A case well monitored in the intralingual rendition of the versified, and in the process of creating parallel versification of the same interlingally. The notness, the isness, and then the beingness overtly neologize the encoding-decoding-recoding swindle of transfer of human poetic severability.

The Contextual Effects in Translating Metaphoric & Metonymic Proverbs by Novice Translators

Assist. Instr. Bilal Khalid Khalaf

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 338-365
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.126427

This work highlights the most problematic area in the field of translation, which represented by translating cultural expressions ‘proverbs’. The study presents the problem in theoretical and practical frameworks. The former gives a specific introduction for translation as the main theoretical aspect related to the subjects of the study and proverbs as the main subject under investigation, while the latter examines the hypotheses on the significant effects for the cultural dimension during the process of translation and testing the role of the context in facilitating the translation of proverbs. Also, explaining the contextual effects on the translators’ choices for translation strategies. Finally, To what extent does it help them to overcome the challenges they encountered.

Social Injustice in a Selected Collection of Faulkner's Short Stories

Fanan A. Al-Kader Salman

Anbar University Journal of Languages & Literature, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 366-407
DOI: 10.37654/aujll.2017.128586

The research tackles certain human conditions that many of the giant writer's pens included in their literature. This research tries to provide accurate explanations concerning the effect of society on human life. The arena of this research is William Faulkner's group short story puts x-ray on the society's functions a foul play , against human being , this unfair game results a great divergence in human trajectory.