The journal strives to enrich scientific research by selecting elites of experts and arbitrators from inside and outside Iraq to evaluate researches scientifically and linguistically, with a desire to make the journal in the ranks of discreet international journals, emphasizing this by adopting the global publishing mechanism and its rules, as well as its adoption as an approved research reference for all researchers locally, Arab level and globally. Keeping pace with scientific and knowledge development by investing research energies and exchanging knowledge and ideas in light of the authenticity of heritage and the contemporary revolution, in accordance with the mechanisms of the discreet scientific method.


It is worth noting that the journal is keen to be a pioneer in scientific publishing through the concerted efforts of those in charge of its sustainability and the support of experts specialized in the field of scientific research evaluation from inside and outside the country. It aims to invest the conscious human mind by adopting its deep knowledge ideas and developing its discourse by opening multiple dialogues through the windows of scientific publishing of research in its various fields and different languages; In order to exchange ideas and establish an expanded scientific research base that serves science and seeks to develop it.

The message:

The journal adopts an academic publishing policy characterized by awareness and depth of knowledge, and its motto is a commitment to moderation and rejection of intolerance and coercion in thought, religion and doctrine, as well as the dependence of publishing and electronic indexing of its issues and receiving research electronically in all its stages before publishing in an effort to ensure the effort exerted by researchers at the local and global levels. It also accepts researches that enjoy originality and novelty, and thus the researcher enjoys an official approved publication that contributes to enhancing his credit when evaluating his annual scientific performance, as well as contributing to raising the evaluation of the academic institution, and then raising the evaluation level for the university or any other official body.