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Notes: All manuscripts must include Abstracts in English and Arabic (with identical information) of (150 to 250) words, the language used in abstract should be scientific, precise, and free of spelling mistakes.

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as predominantly an executive activity on the grounds that it takes the decisions and executes the diplomacy, [the tendency had been to ignore] the fact that the conduct of foreign policy, particularly in a liberal democratic order, is also a legislative process of managing relations with other countries (Agbu, 2001).


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The list of references at the end of the paper should be alphabetically arranged. If the researcher used references in Arabic and others in English, two lists should be attached at the end. If English references are not available, the Arabic references should be translated and attached at the end of the paper.


References list in APA style. The author guidelines have detailed instructions about references (Font: Times New Roman, size: 9.5)




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Conference Paper:

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